Quick Answer: Who Does Rush Limbaugh Work For?

Can I listen to Rush Limbaugh on my Iphone?

Podcast Episodes: Stream your favorite episodes and segments on demand, or download to your device to listen offline.

Now you can subscribe to Rush 24/7 right through your iTunes Account on your Apple device.

Rush’s Broadcast When YOU Want to Hear it: If you miss Rush live, you can listen to the entire broadcast..

What is the salary of Rush Limbaugh?

Limbaugh is among the highest-paid radio figures. In 2018, Forbes listed his earnings at $84.5 million. In December 2019, Talkers Magazine estimated that Limbaugh’s show attracted a cumulative weekly audience of 15.5 million listeners to become the most-listened-to radio show in the United States.

How much do morning radio show hosts make?

Morning Radio Host SalariesJob TitleSalarySaga Communications Morning Radio Host salaries – 1 salaries reported$40,000/yrCUMULUS MEDIA Morning News Radio Host salaries – 1 salaries reported$66,142/yrVox AM/FM Morning Radio Show Host salaries – 1 salaries reported$57,929/yr3 more rows

How do I listen to talk radio on my iPhone?

It’s easy to listen to radio on your iPhone by downloading apps like iHeart Radio or TuneIn, as well as specific apps for radio stations like NPR One or Sirius XM. You can also listen to Beats 1, a free radio station on Apple Music, or radio shows broadcasted as podcasts on your iPhone.

Why did Rush Limbaugh do Family Guy?

On The Rush Limbaugh Show on September 27, 2010, Limbaugh explained that he agreed to do the episode based on his continuing friendly relationship with Family Guy creator and executive producer Seth MacFarlane, commenting, “Seth appreciates and has a great affection for professionals, and we’re all professionals here.” …

What local radio station is Rush Limbaugh on?

The Rush Limbaugh ShowOther namesThe Rush Limbaugh Program Rush Limbaugh on the EIB NetworkCountry of originUnited StatesLanguage(s)EnglishHome stationKFBK, Sacramento (1984–88) WABC, New York City (1988–2013) WJNO, West Palm Beach (2000–present) WOR, New York City (2014–present)SyndicatesPremiere Networks14 more rows

How can I listen to Rush Limbaugh on Alexa?

A short update from Rush Limbaugh to get you caught up on what you need to know today. Updated daily. After enabling this skill, say “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing” or “Alexa, what’s in the news” to hear Rush Limbaugh content in your flash briefing.

What degree does Rush Limbaugh have?

Southeast Missouri State University1969–1970Central High School1965–1969Rush Limbaugh/Education

How old is Limbaugh?

69 years (January 12, 1951)Rush Limbaugh/Age

When did Rush Limbaugh get married?

June 5, 2010 (Kathryn Adams Limbaugh)May 27, 1994 (Marta Fitzgerald)1983 (Michelle Sixta)September 24, 1977 (Roxy Maxine McNeely)Rush Limbaugh/Wedding dates

What’s Rush Limbaugh’s real name?

Rush Hudson Limbaugh IIIRush Limbaugh/Full name

Who is Rush Limbaugh’s wife?

Kathryn Adams Limbaughm. 2010Marta Fitzgeraldm. 1994–2004Michelle Sixtam. 1983–1990Roxy Maxine McNeelym. 1977–1980Rush Limbaugh/Wife

Who is the highest paid radio personality?

Howard SternHoward Stern is this year’s highest-paid radio host, with a $90 million haul. The self-proclaimed “King of All Media” reigns supreme in the radio world.

Who has the largest radio audience?

Sirius XM Radio has a base of 34.3 million subscribers as of 2020. American Top 40 attracts over 20 million listeners per week. Rush Limbaugh’s show has been the number one commercial talk show since at least 1987 when record keeping began.

What College Did Rush Limbaugh go to?

Southeast Missouri State University1969–1970Rush Limbaugh/College

What nationality is Limbaugh?

AmericanRush Limbaugh/Nationality

Who is Mr snerdley?

James Golden, under the pseudonym “Bo Snerdley,” serves as call screener, producer, and engineer for the syndicated Rush Limbaugh radio talk show. Since 2001 he has been a Producer/Executive for Premiere Networks (formerly Premiere Radio Networks), the largest radio syndication company in the United States.