Quick Answer: What Is The Most Watched Basketball Game Ever?

How are the NBA Finals ratings?

The finals were averaging 6.71 million viewers after three games and attracted an audience of 7.54 million for game four and 5.7 million for game five.

Based on the reported figures, the average viewership across the entire series was just over 6.4 million..

How many viewers does the average NBA game get?

885,000 viewersNBA games on national TV drew an average of 885,000 viewers in the U.S. in the first eight weeks of the season, according to Nielsen, compared with about one million over the same period last year and 1.2 million two years ago.

What is the most watched soccer match in the World?

The Most Watched Sporting Events in The WorldTour de France – 3.5 Billion Viewers. … World Cup of Soccer – 3.3 Billion Viewers.Cricket World Cup – 2.6 Billion Viewers. … Summer Games – 2 Billion Viewers. … Winter Games – 2 Billion Viewers.Women’s World Cup – 1.12 Billion Viewers.Boxing – 1 Billion Viewers. … UEFA Champions League – 380 Million Viewers.More items…•

What is the most watched football game in the world?

The FIFA World CupThe FIFA World Cup has attracted an average of 3.2 billion viewers in 2010 and 2014, making it the most-watched overall live event by average on television worldwide in the 21st century.

What is the most watched college basketball game ever?

The statistic depicts the highest-rated broadcasts of the NCAA basketball tournament championship games from 1975 to 2019. The highest-rated game ever was the national championship game matchup of Michigan State and Indiana State in 1979 with a rating of 24.1.

How many people watched the NBA Finals 2020?

7.5 million viewersThe 2020 NBA Finals were watched by an average of 7.5 million viewers in the United States. The championship series was contested between Miami Heat, champions of the Eastern Conference, and the Los Angeles Lakers, winners of the Western Conference.