Quick Answer: What Is A First Mention In Court?

Can you get sentenced at a mention?

At the mention you can plead guilty, not guilty or ask for an adjournment to seek legal advice.

If you plead guilty and the charge is relatively minor, the magistrate will normally move to sentencing and impose a penalty that very day..

What does going to court for mention mean?

For criminal proceedings, the first time that you go to court is called a ‘mention’. The purpose of the mention is for the court to find out whether you want to plead guilty or not guilty. For civil matters, this is typically a time allocated to the parties attending for the purposes of furthering the matter.

Should I dress up for court?

The general rule is to dress conservatively. Depending on why you are summoned to court, a solid charcoal or navy suit with a white shirt and coordinating tie will pass any judge’s standards. Find yourself in a rural area attending traffic court – then consider a sport jacket with slacks and slip-ons with no tie.

What is a special mention hearing?

At a special mention hearing, the Magistrates’ Court may— change the date fixed by the court for any hearing in a committal proceeding; or. make any order or give any direction that the court considers appropriate for the management of the committal proceeding (section 153 of the CPA).

Can your lawyer appear in court for you?

An accused person can have a lawyer appear for him/her only when the court allows him/her to complete, in open court, a written waiver of his/her right to be physically present.

What does summary mean in law?

As a noun, an abridgment; brief; compendium; digest; also a short application to a court or judge, without the formality of a full proceeding. The term as used in connection with legal proceedings means a short, concise, and immediate proceeding. …

What happens if you plead not guilty but are found guilty?

What happens if I plead not guilty? Pleading not guilty means that you say you didn’t do the crime, or that you had a reasonable excuse for doing so. The court will then have a trial to decide whether you did. … You may get a longer sentence after conviction at a trial than if you pleaded guilty.

What is a local court mention?

The first day you have to go to court is called a ‘mention’. The mention is for the magistrate to find out whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty. At some local courts, you might have to go to a call over before the mention. … The registrar will ask if you are ready to plead guilty or not guilty.

Do you have to attend court for a mention?

You usually plead not guilty at the mention, and your case is then listed for a hearing on a later date. In some cases you may be able to plead not guilty in writing, so that you don’t have to attend the mention. For more information, see Pleading not guilty.

What is mentioning in High Court?

The Advocate/Party-in-Person who obtained such permission shall join the Court Proceedings 15 minutes before the scheduled time of commencement of Court Proceedings by typing the user name as “FOR MENTIONING – (Name of the Advocate/Party-in Person)” and also shall inform the Court Officer concerned through Video …

What does mention police mean?

September 1, 2017 at 7:01 AM · Mention (Police) This is a Court listing in relation to a charge or charges brought by New South Wales Police. On this occasion, you may be required to enter a plea of ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’ or seek that the matter be adjourned (typically to get legal advice).

What does first mention mean in court?

A mention simply means where a matter is “mentioned” in Court. It is where the matter is not formally listed for a plea of guilty or a plea of not guilty. First mention. This is the first time that a matter is listed in the Magistrates’ Court.

What happens at a first mention?

A court mention or directions hearing usually marks the beginning of the court process. Attending this directions hearing will likely be the first time you attend court in this process. At the first hearing, the court will give directions regarding the further steps to be taken in the case.

What is the difference between a mention and a hearing?

Where the case appears in court for a brief time, usually to deal with a procedural matter such as setting dates and deciding bail. A mention is not the ‘hearing’ of the matter. A witness is not usually required to attend court when the matter is for mention only.

What happens after a contest mention?

The contest mention hearing gives the Court the opportunity to ask the parties about whether the case can be resolved without the need for a summary contested hearing. If the accused at this stage: … maintains a not guilty plea, the Court will adjourn the matter to a summary contested hearing date.