Question: What Does The Word Targeted Mean?

What is a target or goal?

Target – an indicator established to determine how successfully you are achieving an objective.

Goal – an indicator established to determine whether you have achieved your objective..

What does bystander mean?

: one who is present but not taking part in a situation or event : a chance spectator innocent bystanders who were injured in the shooting. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about bystander.

What is the definition of targeted?

1 : to make a target of targeted her for promotion especially : to set as a goal. 2 : to direct or use toward a target.

How do you use the word target?

Target sentence examplesShe focused on the target, a plate above the hearth. … It’ll make a good target for your enemies. … You need to do a little target practice too. … The three Austrian corps were exactly the target Prince Frederick Charles desired. … Pick a human school to target for breakfast.More items…

What is another word for targeted?

Targeted Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for targeted?aimeddirectedpointedsteeredtrained3 more rows

Is it targeted or targeted?

It becomes just ‘targeting/targeted’, because there is usually no doubling when the preceding vowel is unstressed. Some words change their spelling to cope (they add a letter ‘k’).

What does earmark mean?

1a : to mark (livestock) with an earmark. b : to mark in a distinguishing manner. 2 : to designate (something, such as funds) for a specific use or owner money earmarked for education. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about earmark.

What is the opposite of targeted?

▲ Opposite of past tense for to aim something at. ignored. disregarded. dismissed.

What is a target person?

Target Person means a Person engaged in the same line of business as an Acquirer, the assets or stock of which such Acquirer desires to acquire pursuant to a non-hostile Acquisition. Based on 2 documents. 2.

How is targeted therapy administered?

Getting IV Targeted Therapy Some targeted therapies are given as an infusion. Intravenous or IV chemo is put right into your bloodstream through a tiny, soft, plastic tube called a catheter.

What does targeted advertising mean?

Targeted advertising is a form of advertising, including online advertising, that is directed towards an audience with certain traits, based on the product or person the advertiser is promoting.

Why was target looted?

A Target store in Minneapolis was looted on Wednesday evening during a protest against the death of George Floyd.