Question: Can You Fix Joy Con Drift?

How do I fix Joycon drift for free?

If you are currently experiencing this “Joy-Con Drift” issue, be sure to go to to submit a ticket so you can get yours repaired for free.

If you have an existing or completed repair order, call in (US & Canada) to 1-855-548-4693 to get your refund..

Does rubbing alcohol fix stick drift?

3 Answers. You can try cleaning the stick with 99.5% isopropyl alcohol, this has helped me with the same issue in the past, just dab it in with a Q-tip, and clean. The way plenty of people fix stick drift (including myself) includes the following.

Does Nintendo charge for joy con repairs?

If your Nintendo Switch joysticks are becoming unreliable, pointing your game in random directions even if you haven’t physically pushed them that way, you may be experiencing “Joy-Con Drift.” And though Nintendo hasn’t officially admitted to a defect, the company is now quietly repairing the controllers free of charge …

Where do I send joy cons for repairs?

So if you’re currently experiencing Joy-Con drift—or if you’ve recently had your Joy-Con repaired—it’s worth contacting Nintendo Customer Support and asking for either a complimentary repair or a refund. Nicole Dieker has been writing about personal finance for nearly a decade.

What causes joy drift?

What causes Joy-Con drift? There are two potential causes for drift: some users blame the issue on either dust or debris making their way into the controller underneath a rubber cap that’s designed to keep the interior clean.

Is Joy con drift repair free?

Send it to Nintendo for a free repair (/get a refund for previous repairs) Nintendo will fix Joy-Con drift for free and issue a refund to anyone charged for previous repairs.

How do I stop my ps4 controller from drifting?

How do you fix analog stick drift on the PS4?Disconnect your controller and turn it off. … Push your left analog stick to the side and blow your compressed air into the base. … Give your right analog stick the same treatment.Now try and get your sticks moving smoothly.

How long do joy con repairs take?

Expect to take at least 20m per joycon for this repair, but it absolutely does work, the tools are nice quality and you have everything you need to make your controllers work perfectly again.

Are joy con repairs still free 2020?

The leaked internal Nintendo customer service memo obtained by VICE Games states that customers can now have their Joy-Con controllers repaired free of charge without proof of purchase or confirmed warranty status. … That’s good to hear given that Nintendo reportedly charged up to $40 for repair service.

Do all Joycons drift?

They’re all affected by drift. It seems completely random though. I’m still using my Mario odyssey ones when they released in the UK 2-3 years ago. I only ever use my Switch in handheld and play for a few hours each night, and I still don’t have any drift.